Welcome to #Macintosh!

#Macintosh is the official Mac help channel on the DALnet IRC network.

/join us for Mac, iOS, and even Apple Watch chat and help or to converse with a friendly crowd with a common interest. If you’re new to IRC, see our Get Connected page to learn how to get your Mac connected to the DALnet IRC network and into our channel.

Things of Interest

Get Connected: Find out how to get connected to DALnet and join our channel. We’re a friendly bunch.

Photo Gallery: Put a face to a name by browsing our photo gallery. See who’s on the other end of the keyboard as well as pictures of our setups, meet ups, or whatever else we think is interesting.

Quotes Database: Some of the more colorful quotes are on our Quotes Database, created and hosted by blakespot.

Steam Group: Like to play games? Join our channel’s Steam group, organized by FourOhFour. A fun time is bound to be had by all!

Discord Group: We have a Discord server now! Pop in and say hello. #general-chat is bridged to IRC.